Responses from Backpacking Adventures Food Tuesday when asked: 

What do you like to snack on while on the trail?

  • I like to carry a few Epic Bars.
  • My favorite is a homemade trail mix that I make in bulk. It contains almonds, yogurt covered raisins, M&Ms, peanut butter chocolate chips, pistachios and regular chocolate chips. I mix it with an 1/8 cup of each and then portion into small ziplock bags and keep it in a hip belt pocket.
  • Granola bars, Mike and Ike's, honey stinger chews, candy bars, protein bars.
  • Cheese and peanut butter crackers, loaded with calories at a fairly light weight.
  • Mixed nuts and beef jerky are my top two favorites to munch on.
  • Trail mix and add in jelly beans. I just loaded up on 10 bags of them yesterday thanks to Easter candy being reduced.
  • I tried everything! But always come back to Snickers.
  • Deer jerky.
  • Fig Newtons & granola bars.
  • I like to take a few Lara Bars and some PB with Ritz crackers. I also like to take some home made energy bars and chewy granola bars.
  • Twizlers and/or candy corns will be tested this year, but in the past it been granola bars or power bars.
  • All types of protein bars, Crackers with cheese,Peanut butter crackers. Cheese, Salomi, Jerky, Nuts (almonds and Cashews).
  • Our trail mix - lots of good, slow and fast energy foods. Have climbed some hard miles with only this, and it made all the difference!

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