Responses from Backpacking Adventures Food Tuesday when asked: 

What do you like for breakfast on the trail?

  • Oatmeal and fruit
  • My favorite is 1/2 cup of granola with a handful of blueberries and enough powdered milk mix for 8oz of milk
  • Sausage & cheddar on a toasted 'Everything' bagel.
  • Pop tarts and coffee. I keep it simple.
  • Mountain House breakfast skillet on a tortilla. Yummmmmm.
  • Maple and brown sugar oatmeal, a peanut butter pop tart and coffee. Sometimes variations of instant grits and a power bar.
  • Idahoan with pre cooked bacon and on single overnights, I have a tiny fry pan and egg carrier.
  • My favorite breakfast so far has been instant oatmeal with dehydrated bananas and dehydrated peaches. It was simple, quick, and creamy delicious. I think from now on though, it's gonna be a couple bars and some instant coffee.
  • Coffee a peanut butter pop tart and a belvita biscuit....then another cup of coffee.
  • I like a recipe I found a while back. I mix in a ziplock: 2 bags carnation chocolate shake mix, powder milk, instant coffee and a packet of oatmeal. Throw in some cold water and slam it. No cooking and no clean up. Drank this everyday last year on the JMT. If I'm just relaxing, pack it gourmet's jalapeño biscuit and gravy is pretty good. Or I'll make bacon, egg and cheese bagels.
  • A little weird, but my favorite trail breakfast food is a cup of Maruchan roasted chicken noodle soup. I'll boil water for my soup & coffee as I'm breaking camp. Hits the spot and gets the chill out of most crisp mornings.
  • I put prepackaged oatmeal in a ziplock with a scoop of protein powder, mix it up with hot water and you have an easy on the stomach 500 calories that's hot and tastes good. When you're done, no mess or cleanup.
  • NOT OATMEAL. Handful of gorp, dried fruit, bars, maybe some dark chocolate.
  • We're biased but our Cliffside Coconut Berry and Palisade Pineapple Mango are tough to beat!
  • I make what I've been calling ''Hiker Pudding" - I pre-mix high calorie muscle milk type workout powder, powdered peanut butter, chocolate chip cookie mix, coffee, and powdered milk. Just add water until its a pudding, no need to boil water, easy clean up.
  • Cold weather is oatmeal with some protein powder mixed in, dried fruit (not raisins), nuts, and dark chocolate pieces. Warmer weather might be home made oatmeal bar and a home made protein bar. Each meal also has AT LEAST one large cup of coffee!
  • Oatmeal, dried fruit, and coffee. Or Packit Gourmet Diner Eggs. But I am going to try to make a dehydrated hash brown to go with some eggs and bacon. Oh yea, I said BACON (the other white meat).
  • Poptarts. No heating needed. Rip the package and start walking.
  • Poptarts are my go to breakfast! With some hot coco.
  • If I'm just doing an overnighter or a couple day adventure I love fresh eggs with ham, green peppers, onions, cheese, etc. Of course every trail breakfast is accompanied by chocolate peanut butter Pop Tarts (the only time I eat them).
  • hmmm....depends on the length of the trip. Mostly either Belvita cookies, Lance Breakfast Crackers, or occasionally I'll make a "breakfast bag" of cereal & Carnation milk (about 4 Tbsp of milk mixed into the cereal). I hate Pop-tarts. Oatmeal sometimes, or rarely Ova-easy eggs and grits. Now let's not forget that I also get pre-made breakfast meals from PackIt Gourmet, or Hawk Vittles.

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